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Rest in peace Rise and EunB

Heaven now has two beautiful angels. Rest peacefully together, RiSe & EunB. You will be missed.

kwon rise, you don’t have to hurt anymore. i love you. 

i don’t have much to do here. this is devastating and terrifying and i am shaken to the core. i don’t know if this is the last anyone will see of me on this blog but i can’t say that scrolling through my dashboard of people going back to their regularly scheduled fandom blogging is something that i want to do right now. it’s fine if you weren’t a fan. if you are over it, then good for you. but i can’t do that. i can’t be over it right now. i know how my mind works. i will think about it a lot, until i can hardly stand it anymore. 

i don’t… think… i can ever really resume things on tumblr, or in fandom in general, after this. i don’t know how to explain what i’m feeling right now, that’s really all i can say. i’ve had a lot of fun here with you all. lately i do have to admit, i’ve not been feeling it, though. it probably looks drastic to a lot of you, but i don’t want to make posts and laugh and have fun right now. i always have that feeling of wishing the world could stop just for a minute when something bad happens. i wish the world would stop for eunbi. i feel upset and scared seeing her become an afterthought. i am thinking a lot about her—and rise and sojung, and it makes me think so much of melynda that it has been tearing me apart. i’m done apologizing for being as sensitive as i am. it’s sad, and it hurts, and i want to go away.

i don’t know how to end this. so here it goes.

140904 kimheenim: I only met Ms. Eunbi, who left for the Heaven, today for the first time through her portrait photo. Looking at her very cute and kind smile, my tears fell. On top of that, Eunbi’s mother, who is suffering more than anyone else, said, “Eunbi-yah.. Your seniors have come to pay you a visit” surprisingly consoling us in return. Looking at her like this, a lot of sadness and thoughts came to my mind. Honestly, this accident does not feel like another person’s matter, I was pondering since yesterday whether or not to post a message on the SNS. The message I wish to relay is, please make use of the safety belt. We can relate to car accidents more than anyone. 8 years ago, when I met with an accident, had I not worn the safety belt…….. Indeed, I always find it troublesome to wear safety belts but the moment I think of what happened, I will definitely wear it. I wanted to relay this message once more so I wrote this post.. I sincerely hope that Ms. Eunbi rests in peace and wish for happiness for those around Ms. Eunbi. Besides that, I also hope that Ms. Gwon RiSe, who is currently still receiving treatment, to wake up quickly. Our member Kyuhyun was also like that. When he met with an accident, he lost consciousness for 4 days.. so Ms. RiSe will definitely wake up.. really.. just like what Kyuhyun said.. just like Kyuhyun.. Praying that you stay strong until you awake. (cr)

we are praying for you.



Block B has been getting so much hate over the years, but yet they have the biggest hearts and warm my heart with their empathy and caring side…

like Zico going to the funeral of one of the victims of the Sewol incident…

Jaehyo pouring out his heart for Ladies Code and making sure Sojung will have her birthday party…

these guys are true role models and even if they made some mistakes they’ve grown a lot and they have my respect! Always had…

ok like this is not the times for you to be using this situation as an example of your oppas being “nice”.

this is the worst possible time imaginable to be pulling shit like this. if the most important thing about this situation (and the sewol incident) is the fact that your oppas are displaying basic human empathy then idk about you. i just don’t know. 

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