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Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

these men are such fundamentally different dancers but especially at slow GIF speed it’s clear how perfectly precise they were as a duo.

Donald O’Conner was actually nervous about this because he considered himself more of a hoofer than a dancer, and if you watch this number you can see he uses his upper body less than Gene Kelly. Also, they were both really worried that the other would turn the opposite direction from them, but as you can see, unlike Zoolander, they both turn left. :D

one thing that really gets me is how Bad Days feel like a step backwards in the healing process or even Bad Moments. i just saw someone talking about a movie that my aunt linda took me see when i was a kid and i felt a very, very intense wave of sadness and anxiety and then i was like WHOA!!! NO!!! CAN’T HAVE THIS, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER as if feeling better means literally never feeling bad again. so my feelings are never actually realized and i just shove them down because something in my head is saying, i’m not supposed to be having these feelings at all. all i know about the process of grieving/healing is that it sucks and most days i feel like i’m taking a lot longer than i should to “”“get over it”“”” (even though like… you dont get over it… you j ust learn to live with it.)

so it’s confusing and three years worth of unacknowledged feelings can come crashing down on me out of nowhere some days. 

The late, disabled playwright John Belluso had a theory about why actors who play disabled characters often win Oscars: It is reassuring for the audience to see an actor like Daniel Day Lewis, after so convincingly portraying disability in My Left Foot, get up from his seat in the auditorium and walk to the stage to accept his award. There is a collective “Phew” as people see it was all an illusion. Society’s fear and loathing around disability, it seems, can be magically transcended.

Disability Is Not Just a Metaphor: The entertainment industry loves disabled characters—but not disabled actors

in the meantime, if we were allowed to see more representations of people with different disabilities in film, tv, pop culture and real life, that fear & loathing would dissipate, and we’d start to see disabilities as a normal part of life.

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i was tryin to read this post out loud to fakegirlgamer over skype and laughed so hard i accidentally turned my computer off

About Luhan


Originally posted by Luhan Bar with permission from the movie staff.

On July 24th, 2014, Luhan completed his filming task in the movie “Back to 20” as a rookie actor. From June 18 to July 24, a month filled with joy, bitterness, both sweet and sour feelings, he was humble, hard working, serious, sincere, and as an actor, he’s drawn a perfect period to his first journey as an actor. 

In this one month, Luhan fans continuously communicated with the cast and crew, and surprisingly got to hear a story about him from behind the scenes. This story holds endless warmth as well as bitterness, and the main character of the story is gentle yet resilient. The first time we heard it, we thought that, no matter what, we want more people to know of it.  

After some hard work, finally, today we received permission from the staff to tell you guys this story. 

The beginning of the story is not an ideal one.

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