harvey stilts and his friends, some things about kpop fandom and queer issues
some things about kpop fandom and queer issues

please listen

when you fetishize gay people:

  • you are not an ally
  • you turn being queer into a commodity, a novelty 

when you hold an idol to certain expectations concerning their perceived sexuality (expecting them to come out, etc.)

  • you are displaying a clear lack of understanding of the queer experience and how much people suffer for it

when you do things such as aggressively feminizing an idol, or insist that one half of a queer relationship must be the “girl” while the other must be the “boy”

  • you are holding queer relationships up to heteronormative standards (please do not do this)
  • you are interpreting someone’s personal presentation to your own liking and attempting to enforce gender roles upon them and gender roles are actually pretty terrible 

when you claim that an idol is MOST DEFINITELY GAY because they “act fruity” or something

  • you are placing certain expectations on someone based on what YOU think being queer is like and what YOU think queer people act like and i am here to tell you that queer people are not going to be easily categorized in the little boxes you have set up for them 

on the flip side, when you whine that your oppa ISN’T GAY BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM AND YOU DON’T WANT HIM TO LIKE BOYS

  • that’s gross
  • the odds of at least one of your oppas being gay are pretty high
  • you’re homophobic
  • even if oppa is straight he will never love you

when you say things like “homosexuality doesn’t exist in korea”

  • you are erasing the experiences of the queer community in korea (which exists, even if you think it doesn’t) 
  • you are not understanding the societal pressures that keep people in the closet and in turn make it appear to you that there are no queer people in korea 
  • you are ignoring the fact that queer people have existed for literally forever, everywhere 

when you “affectionately” refer to your bias as a faggot

  • you are taking a word that is still to this day used to demean, belittle, berate and hurt queer people and using it however you please
  • you are not understanding how much it fucking hurts to be called a faggot 
  • you’re just being a jerk 

ship what you want. by all means, have fun and enjoy yourself. (i certainly do!!) it is easy to do so without actively hurting others. you can be mindful and considerate of the things you say. you don’t have to call your bias a faggot. you don’t have to be apathetic to the very real plight of the queer community. 

many of us come to fandom as an escape from all the shit irl that sucks. for queer people like myself, fandom becomes a vile and toxic place once i see the homophobia and ignorance that i am trying to forget about when i log into tumblr and look through tags and reblog pretty pictures. it makes many queer people feel like they truly have nowhere to go. i don’t think anyone wants to intentionally alienate part of their fandom but that is what is happening here.

i don’t want you to denounce your otp or anything like that, i just urge people to be more conscientious when you speculate about an idol’s sexuality and remember how much certain words can hurt people.

like seriously… PLEASE DON’T CALL YOUR BIAS A FAGGOT. if you’re straight, you don’t really get how much that word hurts; for the countless queer individuals that we have lost to violent hate crimes, faggot is oftentimes the last word they heard before they died. please consider how it must sound to the lgbtq* people in your life when you throw it around so casually.

of course this sounds like a BOO HOO SOCIAL JUSTICE BLOGGER KILLiNG THE FUN post, and many people will take it as such, but i don’t want to kill the fun. i just believe that we can all have fun without actively hurting one another. be kind and considerate to others, remember that we are all human beings. even oppa. 

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